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Which Mobile User Are You?

According to G+J EMS Mobile‘s analysis of mobile phone and smartphone users there seem to be four different groups of users: routine users, selective users, enthusiastic users and experienced users.


The enthusiastic users are 18% of the whole of mobile users. They belong to the 14 to 39 age group and use their mobiles very much, making them use their computers’ less and being their main media for social networks and shopping activities.

The experienced users account for 24% and are mostly men between the ages 30 and 49 who use smartphones at work or for their private lives in order to save time.

Routine users are 28% and they’re usually aged between 20 and 29 and use their phones for entertainment.

And finally, selective users (30%) are users who are over forty who are starting to discover the possibilities smartphones offer.


Another interesting article about “12 Types of Cell Phone Users That Drive Us Nuts”

Better Presentation

It takes an audience about 15 seconds (at most) to decide whether your presentation is worth their attention. Fritter away those fifteen seconds and your audience will either mentally check out or pull out their phones to start texting.

1. Have somebody else introduce you.

2. Do not tell a “warm-up” joke.

3. Do not begin with “background.”

4. Open with a startling and relevant fact.


Do our brains pay a price for GPS?

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 10.47.22 PM

With the option to use GPS to do our wayfinding for us, it might seem like we don’t have much need for mental maps anymore. But according to Veronique Bohbot, a neuroscientist affiliated with McGill University and the Douglas Institute who studies spatial memory and navigation, the process of generating mental maps also plays a role in activities that have nothing to do with getting to work. Becoming overly reliant on GPS and letting that skill atrophy, she and others suggest, might actually be bad for us. “It’s important for people to take responsibility for their health — including their cognitive health,” said Bohbot. “We can’t just take the back seat.”

Four Major Boo-boos in B2B Sales and Marketing

Posted on August 29, 2013


The world may not be divided into black and white, but in the realm of B2B Sales and Marketing, there are only two kinds of actions: those that are acceptable –strategies that are considered beneficial and sometimes even fall into the category of brilliance, and then there are actions which are a complete waste of time and effort, those which do nothing but destroy the very purpose of it all.


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