Can Creatures of Habits Break out of Bad Habits, yes you can!

We all have habits, some are good and some are not so good. We all do love to change something we don’t like about our habits but that requires a lot of effort, displace and motivations. In a recent reading about change, I came a cross what is called the Prochaska Model, which is primarily used in personal training.

The great thing about Prochaska Model is that it divides change process into stages, six to be exact. The important element is to identfy the stage you are at and then follow the strategy to move to next stage. The stages are illustrated in this graph:


Here are more details from the same source:

Stage of Change



Pre-contemplation Not currently considering change: “Ignorance is bliss” Validate lack of readinessClarify: decision is theirs

Encourage re-evaluation of current behavior

Encourage self-exploration, not action

Explain and personalize the risk

Contemplation Ambivalent about change: “Sitting on the fence”Not considering change within the next month Validate lack of readinessClarify: decision is theirs

Encourage evaluation of pros and cons of behavior change

Identify and promote new, positive outcome expectations

Preparation Some experience with change and are trying to change: “Testing the waters”Planning to act within 1month Identify and assist in problem solving re: obstaclesHelp patient identify social support

Verify that patient has underlying skills for behavior change

Encourage small initial steps

Action Practicing new behavior for3-6 months Focus on restructuring cues and social supportBolster self-efficacy for dealing with obstacles

Combat feelings of loss and reiterate long-term benefits

Maintenance Continued commitment to sustaining new behaviorPost-6 months to 5 years Plan for follow-up supportReinforce internal rewards

Discuss coping with relapse

Relapse Resumption of old behaviors: “Fall from grace” Evaluate trigger for relapseReassess motivation and barriers

Plan stronger coping strategies

Hope you find this inspiring each one of us to make the change that will make our life better.

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