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Build your story and you will build your business.

Posted on March 27, 2013

This is a great paper on creating brand story I came across and like to share.. Hope you find it useful.

Storytelling is getting lots of business press these days. And it‘s great to see so much conversation about the persuasive power of stories. We‘ve been struck, however, by the varying and valid definitions of  brand story and storytelling that are being used in business today.


Can Pinterest Really Help My Business?

Posted on March 6, 2013

Offering a unique visual spin on social bookmarking, Pinterest allows businesses and individuals to create stunning palates of their works and offers.  In less than three (3) years, it has become the third largest social media site in the United States, only behind perennial leaders Facebook and Twitter.

This photo-sharing “pinning” site allows users to create theme-based boards (e.g. travel, sports, fitness, fashion, etc.) that others can later “pin” or share with their friends.

Sharing interesting photos can be a lot of fun and a great hobby, but Internet marketers are probably wondering: Can Pinterest be useful for me?

Marketing, Sales & The Missing Link!

Traditional marketing – at it’s best – generates ‘top-of-the-funnel’ leads while traditional sales – at it’s best – converts a small percentage of those leads into sales. While in the meantime, marketing blames sales for not delivering enough new business, and sales blames low customer conversion on the lack of quality support from marketing. So what’s the missing link?

This old school theory of Interruptive Sales or “finding the customer rather than the customer finding you” via print, TV and radio media results in ‘leads’ hitting the ‘funnel’ for the sales team to cherry-pick from the ‘top’ based only on their own per-conceived notion of a ‘good lead’… while in reality, only 5% of these leads are ready for that all-important ‘sales call’. So, what happens to all the leads? How are they nurtured into a sales ready position?

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