UX vs. CX

There have been quite a talk over the web about Business Experience on different levels, I thought to collect some info for those who can are interested.

User Experience [UX] is defined solely by the interaction of the User with the Product.
Customer Experience [CX] is the collection of a touch-points throughout the sales & use cycle.
Brand Experience [BX] is the cumulative result of market’s CX, this sum defines the Brand value.


Source: http://goo.gl/04obSm

UX professionals typically focus on the design and development of digital interfaces—today that translates primarily into websites, tablet apps, and mobile apps. And, as the name “UX” implies, UX practitioners typically refer to the people who interact with those interfaces as “users.”

To belabor the obvious, CX professionals hardly ever mention “users”—they talk about “customers” instead. They focus on the interactions that customers have at every stage of the customer journey: discover, evaluate, buy, access, use, get support, leave, and re-engage. CX practitioners are interested not only in digital touch points, but also in marketing communications, product packaging, checkout counters, receipts, face-to-face conversations with sales reps, and phone calls to customer service.

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